Our company plans, trades and produces kitchen furniture and also offers a broad range of kitchen appliances. A main aspect besides offering a high quality service for our customers is to produce a homelike, cool, fresh and durable kitchen where it is a great feeling to prepare your dinner. The kitchen furniture, devices, sinks and kitchen accessories we produce are made for discerning customers. When speaking about quality we do not only mean the high quality of our products, but also our service. Our well qualified and educated professionals assure a great know-how about new trends and are able to offer help with creating a more beautiful and more comfortable home for you.


Being in a leading position means having a different kind of work than an employee. It means also having different tasks to fulfill, using and needing your furniture differently. An exclusive, serious and characteristic appearance is important. Ergonomics and the fitting of a computer is less important. Using extraordinary quality materials and clear lines on the other side are relevant. Essential accessories could be conference tables and an addendum or maybe a minibar. Their design can be modern, but the classic style is also very popular. We believe in individuality.



This furniture is made for stronger utilization. Its design is much more creative than the furniture’s design for leaders. In case of lack of space we offer you dividing walls that separate larger rooms into smaller working areas discretely. Ergonomics play an important role when furniture is used by employees up to 12 hours a day. It should be a good experience using them! This kind of furniture includes lots of accessories for the usage of computers. The lockers are loadable and have standard sizes to be able to place folders in them comfortably. Plus, they are incredibly trendy!


It is often difficult to choose the perfect pieces of furniture, because besides aesthetics and practicability you have to consider the given features of a room. The sliding door systems we plan and produce are very popular, they offer complex solutions thanks to the broad range of products and accessories, the high quality of our basic materials and the variability of the products. This makes the installation of these systems very easy and makes it possible to use up the maximum of a given space. A broad variety of accessories help using the space: shelves in different sizes, drawers, poles, wardrobe lifts, baskets and wardrobe poles for pants, belts and ties.


Our furniture is available in many designs and colors. Besides the individual manufactured furniture we offer many accessories, there are no limits! It is time to match creative solutions and colors. Our customers can choose from 150 different block boards, 100 types of them are always on stock with matching PVC-occlusion. More than 100 types of work desks, 1000 different handles and knobs and the latest metal accessories assure to find the best solution for you. 70 different furniture doors made of solid wood and medium density fiberboards, many aluminum decoration and glass accessories complete our supply.