A group of passionate people designing furniture

Cool design. Superb quality. Innovative technology. Extraordinary solutions. These are all more and more important aspects when planning your home and it is rare to find all of them in just one company’s range of services. That is why our mission is innovative. Before we entered the European market we did some active planning over a few years, because we don’t want to be just one of the many competitors. We searched for the most talented young designers, spent many nights and days with planning, trend analyzing and furniture manufacturing. And at the end we created our complete European concept. Our goal is to become the interior designers and executors of the future. Do you have strange ideas? You don’t know who to contact and who has a wide range of cool and affordable products? We are prepared for the strangest or most individual demands whether it be for the in- or outdoor area! Our highly motivated team of freshly thinking designers and professionals create modern pieces with individual solutions.

We put our focus on precision, flexibility, maximum attention to our customers, high quality service and outstanding price-performance ratio.

The activities of our company include board cutting, trading accessories for the furniture industry as well as designing, trading and producing complete furnishings. Our service and price-performance ratio is one of the best in Hungary, this is why we find it worthwhile to introduce ourselves to the European market also. Our creative and very well experienced colleagues assure our customers maximum attention and with their professional know-how they help designing kitchen, living room, bathroom and office furniture, but also built-in wardrobes and outdoor furniture.

According to the market needs we started concentrating on furniture production, board cutting, trading kitchen fronts and furniture accessories, but we also kept on selling fir timber. By offering a continuously expanding assortment of products, 250 different handles, bands, introducing different kinds of kitchen fronts in our show room and planning kitchen furniture digitally we contribute to a broader information system and high quality service for our customers. Right now there are more than 100 different block boards, color-coordinated chipboards, kitchen fronts, composite boards, oriented strand boards and natural chipboards in our range that we can offer.

We move with the times. We are the interior designers of the future.